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Tempered Glass Frame Banknote
999.9 Pure Gold Foil Banknotes (wood frame)
.A large variety of banknotes is available.
.Each Set is mounted in fine solid-wood frame.
.Color options: walnut finish / gold finish
.The surface of bank notes is made of 999.9 pure gold
.The color of each banknote remains permanently.
.Each set is packed in an exquisit color gift box and
comes with an individual certificate of authenticity.
.OEM and Custom Design are acceptable
.Customers can have their own design patent
999.9 Pure Gold Foil Banknotes (High-end tempered glass)
.All gold banknotes are mounted with the high-end tempered glass frame.
.The surface of each gold bank note and historical world map is made of 24K gold leaf.
.Each product goes with a hand-made and firm gift box. The product inside is 100% secure.
.The tempered glass frame enhances the overall product
.The backside of the frame is totally neat without the presence of staples.
.Either red or black tempered glass frame is available.
.Custom designs will neither be displayed in HSIN BI catalogue nor at any international exhibitions.
.OEM and custom designs are welcome.